About Me

Hi, I’m Becca!

I am from Lakeland, Florida and writing is my number one passion! Growing up, I was either face first in a good book, or I was hunched over a piece of paper, scribbling down some sort of fictional story. Now that I’m older, not much has changed. Except now, it’s digital! I enjoy writing anything from blog posts and feature stories, to news articles or trending topics. 

So far, my proudest accomplishment is having my story featured in Seventeen Magazine for skin cancer awareness month! I remember being on set and observing everyone around me. There were writers, editors, makeup artists, and even a person who offers you a sip of water in between photos. Can you say paradise? I couldn’t believe that I had this amazing opportunity and it was at that very moment I knew I wanted more in life. 

I then went on to finish my AA in Liberal Arts at Polk State College in 2015. For a few years, I worked full-time in a few dead in end jobs with no real purpose in life. In 2018, I made the decision to go back to school and graduated in December of 2019 at the University of South Florida, where I earned my BA in Mass Communications with a focus in Journalism and Magazine. 

Aside from writing, I am totally your “go-to” girl for all things trending, pop culture, and social media. If I had a dollar for every website I’ve made, photo I’ve edited, or Instagram I’ve managed for my friends, I’d be a millionaire. Okay, maybe not millionaire, but a hundred…aire? No, but seriously, I truly love helping people with their online presence and showcasing all of the amazing-ness that their life (or business) entails. The only downside is that my own social media presence lacks sometimes.

I first discovered my passion for platforms while interning as a Social Media Manager over the summer. Working in that type of role opened my eyes to how much I truly loved an ever-evolving industry!

Within my first 8 weeks, the content that I created blew up and was raking in hundreds of thousands of views. The spark within my soul ignited. I knew that I was on the right path!

After my internship, I went on to become certified in Social Media Marketing through Hootsuite Academy.

From there, I had this insane drive to expand my knowledge and skills even more, which lead me to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Relations at Full Sail University. By the Spring of 2021, I will have completed my MA and hopefully be moving on to the next exciting thing.

When I’m not learning, I’m working! I work as a Social Media Marketing Manager for an amazing company and I manage the social platforms for over 50 clients per week. I guess you could say I live, eat, and BREATHE social media. *insert happy dance here*

While it may sound like I’m all work and no play, I am actually a super goofy, down to earth, and caring person who loves helping others.

Lets connect!

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