Hi, I’m Becca!

I am from Lakeland, Florida, and writing is my number one passion. Growing up, I was either nose deep in a good book or hunched over a piece of paper, scribbling down some sort of fictional story. Now that I’m older, not much has changed. I enjoy writing anything from blog posts and feature stories to news articles or trending topics. My proudest accomplishment is being featured in Seventeen Magazine.

In 2012, I was flipping through the magazine when I noticed the “Pretty Amazing Contest.” Readers were asked to write an inspiring story for a chance to win a scholarship and a spot on the cover. I wrote about getting diagnosed with melanoma and how I overcame bullying from girls in high school who teased me about the leftover scar on my chest. Spoiler alert…I never won the contest. Although, I did receive an email from the editor in chief explaining how my story inspired her to create a three-page spread in honor of skin cancer awareness month. 

I then went on to finish my AA in Liberal Arts at Polk State College in 2015. For a few years, I worked full-time with no real purpose in life. In 2018, I decided to go back to school and graduated in December of 2019 at the University of South Florida, where I earned my BA in Mass Communications with a focus in Journalism and Magazine. 

Aside from writing, I am obsessed with all things trending, pop culture, and social media. I first discovered my passion for platforms while interning at a Snapchat-based mobile journalism company. Within my first few weeks, the content that I created for the company received over 6 million views. A spark within my soul ignited. I finally felt like I was on the right path.

From there, I decided to expand my knowledge and skills, which lead me to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Relations at Full Sail University, where graduated in the Spring of 2021.

When I’m not learning, I’m working! Currently, I work full-time at an agency as a Social Media Marketing Manager. I guess you could say I live, eat, and BREATHE social media. *insert happy dance here*

While it may sound like I’m all work and no play, I am actually a super down to Earth dog mom who loves to hike, hang out with family, and try new things. I also love to kick back, relax, and get lost in a good book or television show.

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